30" Dance Halo  - Portable Dance Floor - Turning Board

30" Dance Halo - Portable Dance Floor - Turning Board

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The Dance Halo is a light weight, portable dance floor (Marley Flooring), with a rubber gym mat base. It is perfect for the dancer who is on the go or in tight spaces but needs to work on their technique. Built with Marley flooring material that is used in dance schools across the world. From tap dancing to ballet, The Dance Halo gives the dancer a sturdy floor base with the perfect amount of cushion and friction for dancers to perfect their moves.

Kitchen tiles or hardwood flooring is no surface to be practicing your turns on! Dance Halo is more than just a space to practice dance. It’s YOUR space to replicate the feeling of the stage we know and love.  Reduce the risk of injury and work on your moves with Dance Halo. 


  • Marley flooring (studio flooring)
  • Tapered Edging
  • Rubber Gym Mat Base
  • Slip-resistant
  • Lightweight, Portable, and Easy to Store
  • Seamless surface with no cracks or bumps.
  • 30” in diameter
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    30" x 30" x 1"
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