Rac n Roll’s Corporate Philanthropy

Rac n Roll has one of the greatest privileges of running a small business, being able to give generously to Community Organizations and Charitable causes that matter to us. Every day, we and other small business owners have the opportunity to share our success by giving products, volunteer hours and charitable outreach efforts to good causes in our community. Non profit Organizations and Charities are constantly looking for funding to help accomplish their goals, by giving to these organizations wonderful things happen to the recipients.

You can also help the less fortunate. As a Dance Studio Owner, you may know of someone who loves to dance and needs a Rac n Roll Bag, have your studio raise funds for the shipping costs and Rac and Roll will donate a bag. All children deserve to be equal.

As a Former Dancer, if you have a bag and it is no longer in use, think about donating it to an underprivileged child in need at your studio. You can also donate the bag to a local charity that will put your bag to good use. Someone less fortunate will feel dignified about placing their belongings into a Rac n Roll Bag rather than a black plastic garbage bag.

Rac n Roll donates all returned bags that cannot be sold to Charities that put them to good use, such as: