Collection: The Medium Dance Bag With Rack

The Medium Bag FAQs +

Is The Medium Bag right for me?

Perfect for dancers with up to 10 costume changes, our medium dance bag fits more than it looks.

Designed to simplify your transition from backstage to center stage, our rolling bag with garment rack helps you seamlessly prep for your performance. Dance bags on wheels feature a roomy central compartment and multiple pockets to ensure your dance essentials are organized and accessible, with designated storage for your iPad, water bottle, accessories, warm-up clothes, and more. Plus, an insulated front pocket for storing snacks and drinks. 

Equipped with a collapsible rack, the medium dance rolling suitcase allows you to hang your costumes securely, keeping them smooth and wrinkle-free for your next performance.

What else can I add to upgrade my dance costume bag on wheels?

So much more than a costume roller bag, create some personal space for quick changes with the Rac n Roll Privacy Curtain. Simply velcro the curtains onto the rack to create your dressing room. 

You can also upgrade your dance roller bags with add-on accessories to suit your needs like garment bags to protect costumes, tights, and tutus from wrinkles and moisture during travel. Plus, level up your backstage game with the Rac n Roll Folding Stool, which is perfect for resting between routines. The best part? This lightweight, durable, and travel-friendly stool fits seamlessly into the medium dance bag with rack for an easy pack-up. 

Will the medium dance bag hold up with my busy competition schedule?

Rest assured, The Medium Bag is designed to keep pace with your busy competition schedule. Featuring all the same exceptional features as our traditional bag but in a compact version, our dance bag on wheels with rack boasts our signature and original three-piece garment rack capable of holding up to 10 costumes—perfect for those jam-packed competition weekends. So whether navigating between venues or preparing for multiple routines, this medium rolling bag with a garment rack ensures your gear stays organized and accessible every step. 

Maintenance on the medium dance competition rolling bag is a breeze. Simply wipe the surface with a damp cloth to remove dirt and stains, or hand wash with mild soap and water for tougher stains. Let the bag air dry completely to keep it looking fresh for your next trip. For our busiest dancers, we recommend changing the wheels yearly. 

How can I make my medium dance bag stand out?

Dance bags on wheels don’t have to be boring. Rac n Roll has the perfect way to personalize your medium dance bag and make it pop backstage. Customize the medium dance bag with rack to reflect your individuality and style. Pick your favorite shade from Rac n Roll’s iconic pink, beige, aqua, lavender, and black colorways. Then, add a monogrammed patch with your initials, team name, or nickname, or show off your personality with our cute emoji patches.

Plus, you can also customize your other Rac n Roll pieces. Whether you mix and match or make it a color-coordinated set, our pink and black Cosmetic Bag with LED Mirrors is the perfect way to complete your costume roller bag and more.