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Privacy Curtain For Dance Bag FAQs

What is the Rac n Roll Privacy Curtain, and how does it work?

The Rac n Roll Privacy Curtain is an attachable changing solution that provides dancers with a private dressing space. Compatible with all Rac n Roll dance bags, the curtain easily attaches securely to the 3 piece garment rack using Velcro straps. It features two extending side rods that open and close easily, creating a low-maintenance and secure personal space for changing outfits.

What are the benefits of using a dance bag with a privacy curtain?

The Privacy Curtain offers a secluded dressing area, providing a safe and comfortable space for quick costume changes. Whether preparing for a competition or nationals, it helps you focus before stepping into the spotlight.

How do I set up the Privacy Curtain?

Setting up the privacy curtain is quick and simple. It includes a top bar with extending side rods and Velcro straps to fasten securely to the rack. The rods extend easily, and the curtain wraps around to form an enclosed, private dressing area.

Can I hang costumes or accessories on the side extensions?

No, we do not recommend hanging costumes or accessories on the side extensions. They are designed purely to hold the curtain itself for maximum privacy. The main rack will hold your garment bags for dance costumes, though.

What makes the privacy curtain a reliable choice for dancers?

The Rac n Roll Privacy Curtain is a reliable solution for maintaining privacy and comfort in any setting. Crafted from high-quality, durable fabric, it offers long-lasting performance, ensuring it withstands the demands of frequent use. Its lightweight material makes setup and portability effortless, allowing you to create a private space wherever you go. Whether you're at a competition, backstage, or in a shared dressing room, this curtain provides a discreet changing area. Available in various sizes for each of our dance bags, it caters to different space requirements and usage scenarios. With the Rac n Roll Privacy Curtain, performers and athletes can enjoy peace of mind, focusing on their craft without worrying about privacy concerns.

Can the Privacy Curtain be used with all Rac n Roll bags?

The Rac n Roll Privacy Curtain is available in three convenient sizes: Mini, Medium, and Large, corresponding perfectly to each size variant of our dance bags. Designed specifically for Rac n Roll dance bags, this privacy curtain ensures a seamless fit and compatibility with all models. Whether you have the compact Mini bag, the versatile Medium bag, or the spacious Large bag, there's a privacy curtain size to match. Enjoy the assurance of privacy and comfort no matter which Rac n Roll bag you use, thanks to our tailored design approach.