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What personalization services are available?

Currently we have our patches collection. This collection features individual letters and symbols, a modern twist to personalizing your product! Our letter patches are available from A-Z in various colours. Our symbols patches range from a heart, ballet slippers, star, rainbow, etc. You can view the different designs here


How do I apply the patches?

Our individual patches have an adhesive backing on them. Simply remove the protective sticker on the back of the patch and stick onto the bag! The patches can also be removed and reapplied if needed. Which makes it easy to customize or personalize your bag with different patch designs.


Can I embroider my bag?

Our dance bags have a velcro patch on the front left pocket. It is a velcro patch that can be removed if needed. We do not offer custom embroidery however you can take the velcro patch to someone local and stick the patch back onto the bag. Please note the velcro patch is only available in the Medium or Large sizes. We do offer replacement patches under replacement parts on our website. If you are looking for a colour other than black please reach out to us at and we will confirm its availability.