Collection: Dance Bags With Wheels

Dance Bag FAQs +

Why is Rac n Roll the best dance bag brand?

Rac n Roll small, medium, and large dance bags stand out at every competition. Designed for effortless mobility and known for our unique dance bag on wheels with rack design, our goal is to create a seamless backstage experience so that you’re always ready to shine when you’re front and center.

Say goodbye to your ballet bag, tutu bag, and bulky dance duffle bag. Our all-in-one dance rolling suitcase carries costumes, makeup, extra clothes, and more. Portable and stylish, our dance roller bags let you pack like a pro, maintaining your composure from the moment you leave home to the spotlight on stage. 

Functioning as a dance rolling duffel bag and portable wardrobe, the dance bag with wheels features a built-in rack to hang your costumes, keeping them organized and wrinkle-free. Multiple pockets inside and out ensure your dance essentials are easily accessible. Bring along your hair styling tools, makeup, phone charger, and more while still having ample space for accessories and toiletries.

How do I turn my Rac n Roll dance bag with rack into a change room?

When prepping for competitions like the United States Dance Championships, your backstage experience matters. That’s why this dance bag with wheels transforms into your dressing room. 

Transform your dance bag into your personal dressing room by setting up the attachable Rac n Roll Privacy Curtain. Simply velcro the curtains onto the rack, add an LED or floor-length mirror, and create your backstage dressing room on wheels. This dance bag on wheels with a rack feature provides dancers with a private space for changing costumes or touching up their looks. 

Level up your backstage game with the Rac n Roll Folding Stool that’s perfect for resting between routines. The best part? This lightweight, durable, and travel-friendly size stool fits seamlessly into your dance bag with a rack for an easy pack-up. 

Can Rac n Roll dance bags hold up to a busy dance schedule?

Your dance bag on wheels with a rack is designed to withstand the demands of a busy dance schedule. Every costume roller bag features robust all-terrain wheels and a customizable telescopic handle that moves smoothly on all surfaces.

The dance rolling duffel bag has sturdy, all-terrain, 360-degree wheels gliding smoothly over any surface, including carpet, cement, grass, and ice. Long-lasting and easy to clean, the waterproof polyester is built to endure every weather condition and is designed to last throughout your competition years.

Can I customize my Rac n Roll dance bag?

This dance bag on wheels was made for you! Rac n Roll dance bags can be easily personalized to make them pop backstage. Customize your dance bag with a rack to reflect your individuality and style. Pick your favorite shade from Rac n Roll’s iconic pink, beige, aqua, lavender, and black colorways. Then, add a monogrammed patch with your initials, team name, or nickname, or show off your personality with our cute emoji patches.

Plus, you can also customize your other Rac n Roll pieces. Whether you mix and match or make it a color-coordinated set, our pink and black Cosmetic Bag with LED Mirrors is the perfect way to complete your costume roller bag and more.