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Garment Bags FAQs +

What makes the Rac n Roll Garment Bag special?

The Rac n Roll garment bag with rack (attached to the rack) is a versatile storage solution designed for dancers on the go. With its half-clear, half-woven design, you can easily view your favorite outfits without unzipping the entire bag. It includes two spacious front pockets for accessories, ensuring all your essentials are organized and accessible.

How many costumes can fit in the garment bag?

The garment bag's gusseted design provides ample space for multiple costumes. Each bag can securely hold several stage outfits while keeping them wrinkle-free and ready to wear. Looking for a ballet costume bag? Our garment bags are suitable for every dancers needs and are compatible with all of our Rac n Roll bags.

How does the garment bag keep costumes protected?

Made with half-clear and half-woven material, the Rac n Roll garment bag offers visibility and protection in one. The clear section allows you to easily identify outfits, while the woven portion protects them from dust and damage.

Can I customize my garment bag?

The Rac n Roll garment bag can be customized to reflect your personal style. Add monogrammed letter patches or decorative patches featuring stars, lightning bolts, and other fun designs.

How durable is the garment bag?

The garment bag is built from high-quality polyester, making it durable and moisture-resistant. It is designed to withstand regular travel and keep costumes clean and protected in all weather conditions

What other features make this bag practical for travel?

The garment bag is lightweight and easy to roll. It includes spacious pockets to store essential accessories, and its ergonomic design makes it suitable for travel. Combined with the built-in rack of your Rac n Roll dance bag, it's the perfect portable wardrobe solution for competition days or dance recitals.